Newsletters are a unique part of what Cerkl Broadcast can do.

When your Audience is subscribed to your organization in Cerkl Broadcast, they will be sent a welcome email that explains to them what they've just been invited to. This email is branded with your organization's theme and content, and it will appear to your audience members as a new tool in your internal communications toolbelt. The welcome emails give your Subscribers a chance to personalize their Cerkl Broadcast experience by detailing when they would like to receive a personalized Newsletter in their inbox and what kind of Content they want to see.

Subscribers who opt to personalize their experience will then receive that Newsletter at their selected time each week, where they will find content automatically selected from your Cerkl Broadcast content queue, a list of Stories, Events, and Links curated by your communications team.

The content that goes into these Newsletters can also be routed from different sources, such as external CMS instances or even RSS/Atom feeds. For more information on how you might link an external content source from something like a CMS, see our Integrations Cookbook and our API section on Content.

Newsletter Insights

As with all of our communications channels, we provide detailed insights on Personalized Newsletter interactions.

Newsletter Insights