Blasts, put simply, are targeted email communications that your communications team can send out to your Cerkl Broadcast Audience. If you have a message or content that can't wait for the Newsletter, this is the way to go.

Blasts Menu

Blasts can be drafted, scheduled, and edited via the Broadcast UI using our handy WYSIWYG editor, as seen above. However, Blasts can also be generated and edited via our API, as seen here.

Together with Personalized Newsletters, Blasts make up the foundation of the communications tools that your team can use to reach your Audience.

Blasts Insights

Like Newsletters, Blasts also have viewable Insights that can help you understand who is interacting with your messages and how, with a comprehensive list of metrics for all interacting Subscribers.

Blasts Insights

More questions? We're happy to help. Reach out to one of our dedicated Customer Success team members for more information on how our Blasts work and what you can glean from Blast Insights. Just use the chatbot at the bottom-right corner of every Cerkl webpage or send a message to