As an internal communications platform, Cerkl Broadcast is dedicated to sending messages accross multiple channels to the people you want to reach when it matters the most. Those people are represented by your Audience.

Cerkl Broadcast Audience

Each person found in your Audience is a Subscriber with a unique email address. Each Subscriber can contain a large number of different attributes that can paint a better picture of who they are and thus what kinds of communications might be most appropriate for them. Subscriber attributes are discussed in depth in the API section on Subscribers. The Subscribers in your Audience make up the entire list of people you can reach with your Personalized Newsletters and Blast communications.

Importantly, there is a distinction between those users who can Cerkl's Broadcast application to configure how it works and Subscribers who will only be receiving Blasts and Newsletters from Cerkl. Only designated team members will be able to access and manipulate Cerkl's backend and manipulate the information found there, and we provide discrete permissions levels that can be used to customize what certain team members have the ability to change. Each Organization (instance of Cerkl Broadcast) has unique lists of team members and Subscribers, but both can belong to multiple organizations at any given time.

When Subscribers are first added to a live Cerkl Broadcast Organization, they will be sent a welcome email that asks them to personalize their experience, where they can select topics that they care about and might want to read about in their Personalized Newsletters, as well as preferences for Newsletter deliveries. Team members will receive a similar email that notifies them that they are a part of the communications team for that particular organization.

One important aspect of how we handle Subscribers in Cerkl Broadcast is privacy. All Subscribers have the choice to opt out of having their Cerkl Broadcast experience personalized by our insights engine, or opt out from Broadcast altogether by unsubscribing themselves. Your users will always be able to make those choices, and we will always respect them.