SharePoint Web Part

If you are a SharePoint Admin looking to install and deploy the Cerkl Broadcast for SharePoint app on your sites, you've come to the right place. We have a SharePoint web part available for interoperability between Cerkl and SharePoint.

Go to the SharePoint Admin center, "More Features", and then the "Apps Catalog":

SharePoint apps catalog

If you can't access the SharePoint Admin Center, you will need to contact the SharePoint owner in your organization.

Next, click "App Catalog" and then "Site Content":

SharePoint site content

On the page that loads, click “+New + App". Now you are in the Site Contents for your SharePoint. From here, you will click "SharePoint Store" in the left side menu.

SharePoint your apps

In the SharePoint Store, search for "Cerkl". You will find our app, "Cerkl Broadcast for SharePoint". Click the listing, and there you can "Add It".

SharePoint store

If you see "Request It", your SharePoint Tenant Admin will have to approve your request and add it to your app catalog.

The package will download, and then a prompt will ask you if you trust the application. The two URLs you will see are how we load our scripts to get personalized content to your Audience. Click "Deploy".

SharePoint Cerkl trust

Then you will see the app package on your "Apps for SharePoint" page. Now you're ready to get it on a site! Go back to your SharePoint site and click "Site Contents" in the top menu. On that page, click "+New > App".

SharePoint new app

Under "Apps You Can Add", "Cerkl-broadcast-client-side-solution" will be listed:

SharePoint add apps

Now the app is ready for you to use on any of your SharePoint pages.

Adding INAP to a SharePoint Page

If you'd like to go one step further an add our Intranet Notifications and Personalization (INAP) plugin to your SharePoint site, it's only a few simple steps!

If you are using SharePoint Online, it's super easy to bring Broadcast personalization to your site. Let's start by generating or updating your Intranet Notifications and Personalization code.

In the Cerkl Broadcast UI, go to Settings > Integrations & Plugins > Intranet Notifications & Personalization and make your design and placement selections. When you are satisfied, click Get Code:


On the box that pops up, select Copy SharePoint Key. That will place the code SharePoint needs to link your account and content to our SharePoint app on your clipboard.


Install the Notifications and Personalization App

Now we are going to head over to your SharePoint to get this installed. First, you will need to find and install our app, Cerkl Broadcast for SharePoint, on your intranet. It's available on free the Microsoft AppSource.

Add to a Page

Now, you just need to know which SharePoint pages you'd like to add the Cerkl Broadcast web part to. Select your page, and click to edit.


Now, you are going to add a section. Where doesn't matter... the placement is decided back in Broadcast when you made your placement sections. In your new section, you will select "Cerkl Broadcast for SharePoint" app.


Now, you are going to edit your new section so we can link up your SharePoint with your Cerkl Broadcast instance. Click the edit pencil and in the box that pops out, enter the SharePoint Key from Broadcast, and finally, click Apply.


Wait 10-15 seconds and then, it should show up. Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to our dedicated Customer Success team using the chatbot in the bottom-right corner of every Cerkl webpage or drop us a line at We're happy to help!