Microsoft Teams

Setting Up the Broadcast-Teams Integration

Finding the Teams Instructions

Finding the Microsoft Teams Instructions

To find the steps for connecting your Broadcast Instance to Microsoft Teams, go to Settings > Integrations & Plugins > Cerkl Broadcast Teams.

Note: Only the Premier and Ultimate Plans are eligible for the Cerkl Broadcast Teams plugin. If you have the Essentials plan, you will NOT be able to see Cerkl Broadcast Teams under the Integrations & Plugins tab. ALSO your Teams Administrator MUST allow access to the Cerkl Broadcast Teams plugin on your company’s Teams instance in order for you to be able to add Cerkl Broadcast to your Teams.

Instructions Explained

Microsoft Teams Instructions Explained

The Cerkl Broadcast Teams page states how to get started with using Broadcast inside of Teams. To get started, you are told to search “Cerkl Broadcast” in the Teams App Store. Below, we explain how exactly this search is done:

  1. Open and log into the Microsoft Teams App.

  2. Click “...” (located in the left-hand menu).

  3. Click “More apps” in the bottom right of the expanded menu.

  4. Search “Cerkl Broadcast” in the search bar under Apps (type where it says Search all apps).

  5. Once you see Broadcast, click the box containing the Cerkl Broadcast App and a pop-up will appear.

  6. Click Add and the Cerkl Broadcast App will be added to the left hand menu of your Teams.

Note: If you click a tab that is not the Broadcast App (i.e. Activities, Chat, Teams, etc.), the Broadcast App may disappear into the “...” tab. If this happens, just click the “...” tab and you will see Cerkl Broadcast in the expanded menu.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at, use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

Using Broadcast in Teams and Using Teams in Broadcast

It’s time to dive in and see what the Cerkl Broadcast App looks like inside of Microsoft Teams.

Locating the Broadcast App in Teams

Locating the Broadcast App in Teams

You can find the Broadcast App on Teams in one of two places in your left hand menu:

  1. Main Tab in the Menu Bar: You will see Broadcast as one of the tab options on the left side of your screen.

  2. Inside “...”: If you click the “...” tab, an expanded menu will pop-up. You will most likely see the Broadcast App under Recents, but if you do not see it there, you can search for the App in the search bar where it says “Find an app.”

Note: If your Broadcast App is a main tab in the left hand menu, it may disappear into “...” when you click on a tab other than Broadcast (i.e. Activities, Chat, Teams, etc.).

Features Inside the Broadcast App

Once you have located your Broadcast App in the menu bar, you will see two tabs at the top of your screen (located to the right of “Broadcast”): Newsfeed and About. Below are explanations of what you can find under each of these tabs and what the different icons on your screen mean.

Newsfeed Tab:

Newsfeed tab
  1. Dropdown List: The name shown in this box is the Broadcast Instance you are currently viewing. To choose a different Broadcast Instance, click the dropdown arrow and select an organization from the provided list.

  2. Content: Below the dropdown list, you will see the content that you have NOT clicked and that you have NOT opened in a previous News Digest. The Content shown (Priority Content is listed first) is top stories, just for you, high percent matched, etc.

  3. Search Icon: Click the search icon (located to the right of the dropdown list) to search your unclicked Content. When you are finished searching, click the X to the left of the search bar to close it.

  4. Bell Icon: The bell icon (located to the right of the search icon) allows you to check your Notifications. Notifications are given for Priority Content ONLY. If you have any unseen Notification, there will be a red dot on the bell icon.

To remove a piece of Content from the main page, you have two options: click the Content or dismiss the Content (this can be done on the main page or in the Notification list):

  1. Clicking Content: Click the Content you want to view and you will be brought to the Story Page in a web browser. Once you have clicked this piece of Content, it will no longer appear on the main page (as long as the Teams App has been refreshed after you’ve viewed it). If you click Content on the main page, it will NOT be removed from the Notifications. Also, if you click Content inside of your Notifications, it WILL be removed from the main page of Content. Please Note: If you click on a piece of Content when you are not currently logged into your Cerkl in a web browser (AND you have SSO turned OFF), you will need to login to view this Content.

  2. Dismissing Content: Click “... ” in the top right corner of any piece of Content. Then, click Dismiss to remove it from your Newsfeed/Notifications. If you Dismiss Content on the main page, it will NOT be dismissed inside your Notifications. If you Dismiss Content inside of your Notifications, it WILL be removed from your Newsfeed tab.

About Tab:

About tab

Inside the About tab, you will find a description of Cerkl Broadcast. You will also have access to the following links:

  • Website: This link opens in a browser.
  • Privacy Policy: This link opens the Cerkl Broadcast Privacy Policy in a browser.
  • Terms of Use: This link opens the Cerkl Broadcast Terms of Use in a browser.

Other Icons

Other icons

These icons are both located at the top right corner of the screen (different icons are shown depending on the tab you are under).

  1. Pop Out App Icon (shown in the Newsfeed AND About tab): Clicking this icon (square + arrow) will make your Broadcast App appear in its own window. This means you will ONLY be able to see the Broadcast page since there will not be a menu bar on the left side of your screen.

  2. Reload Icon (shown ONLY on the Newsfeed tab): Clicking this icon (circular arrow) will reload the page.