Email Insights

Cerkl Broadcast uses image tracking pixels to register open events in emails. It also uses link redirects to track click events. This means we either want to eliminate false events or account for them ahead of time to ensure proper metrics for emails.

  • Our first suggest approach is to whitelist your dedicated sending IP address through your email security software, ensuring it doesn't load all of the images and visit every link, causing false events.

  • If we don't use the first approach but we know the IP addresses that your email security software uses, we can also blacklist events coming from those addresses.

  • Finally, if the other options won't work, Cerkl can turn on our security scan correction neural network to learn "good vs. bad" events and only include the good ones.

  • The kinds of resources you will need to troubleshoot/problem solve issues caused by events that negatively affect our insights tracking include experience with Exchange Server and general IT Security.