Dedicated IPs

White-labeling and dedicated IP addresses can, but don't have to, work together.

Say you are looking to mail a letter to someone and you place it in your mailbox at home for the postal service to deliver. You have a street number on your mailbox: 1234. That street number is where the letter is sent from according to the postal service. However, you have a name associated with the street number: John Doe. The postal service doesn't really care about this information, but the recipient sees this as whom the letter is from.

In this example, your street number (1234) is the IP address and your name (John Doe) is the white-label. The postal service is SendGrid (our software that delivers the mail). You can send a letter without putting your name on it and the postal service will deliver it. The recipient just gets a letter and may or may not recognize who it is from. Similarly, SendGrid will send an email from an IP address with or without a white-label with the difference being whom the recipient sees as it is from, e.g. via or

Now, an IP address can have multiple white-labels associated with it or more accurately, multiple white-labels can point to the same IP address (think of two families living in the same house and using the same mailbox).

Some organizations need their own IP (mailbox) address to bypass internal firewalls and protection blockades. Whereas, some organizations just want the white-label (can share a mailbox but include their name on the mail).

Any of our Cerkl partners can request to white-label the shared IP at no additional cost.

The option for a dedicated IP address is offered with any of our paid plans. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at, use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.