Automatic Image Downloading in Outlook

To ensure emails containing images sent from Cerkl Broadcast are automatically downloaded within your Subscribers' inbox, have your technical team configure your email provider and corresponding admin systems to allow "Auto Download of Images" via "Safe Senders" lists.

Cerkl's Suggested Approach:

Setting up each employee's inbox to automatically download images sent from the Broadcast system.

  • This is important not only for the employee experience being better with images, but Broadcast also uses tracking image pixels to track email opens for our insights engine. Therefore, if images are not downloaded automatically upon email open then our system will not register that open as a true "Open Event".

  • This is accomplished by manipulating the "Safe Senders" list on each individual employee's Outlook account to include either the overall company domain or specific email addresses that your communicators will be sending from.

  • If possible, technical resources with experience in Exchange Server and Microsoft Office 365 should be made available during this stage of your technical configuration with Cerkl Broadcast.