Audience Segmentation

Segmenting your Audience is an important aspect of directing your important internal communications where they need to go. Often, you'll want to send Blasts or specific Newsletter Content to different portions of your Subscriber base. For example, articles dealing with the new APIs your development team might be using would make the most sense if they were directed at your developers, so you would want the ability to target that team directly.

Cerkl offers Segments to meet this need, and in two different flavors: Manual Segments and Dynamic Segments. Both are available from our Segments menu in the Cerkl Broadcast UI:

Cerkl Broadcast UI Segments Menu

Manual Segments

Manual Segments are simply lists of your Subscribers that you can define in order to provide your communicators with focused groups of people within your organization for certain types of communications. They can be defined in the Cerkl Broadcast UI and from our API.

Manual Segment Creation

You'll notice that you can upload structured CSV files to populate manual segments with this tool. You can also add Subscribers to Segments individually via their menu available in the Audience tab.

Subscriber Information Menu

Importantly, Manual Segments do not update or add Subscribers automatically. You must use Dynamic Segments for that kind of functionality.

Dynamic Segments

Dynamic Segments are a helpful tool that we provide for segmenting your Audience based upon criteria selected from the attributes attached to your Subscribers. This allows you to select Subscribers for a Segment using the data that defines who they are and what they do at your organization.

Our Dynamic Segments UI allows you to define rulesets using logical operators on the different attributes available on our Subscriber object models, combining multiple rules using and and or operators:

Dynamic Segments UI "and" Ruleset

Combining multiple rules, you can achieve flexible lists that update automatically as your Subscribers and their data change, so you can set your Dynamic Segments up and trust that they will continue to populate with the correct people over time.

Importantly, Dynamic Segments are not available for creation in the API. Through the API you can provide your Subscribers with attributes from your systems such as job_type, remote_status, and many more. View our Subscribers API documentation for more information.