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- Rumi

Cerkl API v2 → Cerkl API v3

We're upgrading!

When interacting with your Cerkl instance(s) programmatically, Cerkl API v3 provides far more functionality than Cerkl API v2. It is highly recommended that existing integrations with v2 of our API be updated to work with the newer version, as it represents the present and future of Cerkl's engineering goals.

We will be ending support and removing API v2 on August 31, 2021. During this twilight phase of supporting v2, we will provide assistance with existing v2 projects, but will not allow new v2 API keys to be generated.

Questions on our move from API v2 to v3? Drop us a line at or on our chatbot. We're happy to help.

Documentation Versioning

This documentation will be updated on pace with the development release cycle of the Cerkl team. As we continue to grow and make changes to our technology, you'll find them explained here.

Any backwards-incompatible changes to our API will be well documented and announced to all of our users with existing integrations (both those managed by Cerkl and our customers' tech teams) via our Customer Success team.